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A Modern Family Business with a Long Tradition

The first business at FEGENS HYVLERI AB was started in 1935 with the production of fish crates. Soon after the second generation of the family became involved, and after substantial rebuilding, production was changed to planing fillets and boarding, using top quality raw materials. This is also when the present name of the company came into existence. Since that time we have continually made investments in premises and machines, and we now have a modern plant where we can both cut our products to individual customers' needs, and bar-code them. This family business is now being run by the third generation.

Quality is our Keyword

By using best quality timber from carefully selected sawmills and by having a high degree of automation and efficient timber handling we can maintain both production and quality at a high level, particularly the grading and finishing of the planed timber. We attain this quality using our highly modern cutting machinery, which also allows us to provide the exact profile of fillet or boarding the customer wants.

Our Credit Rating - Your Security

Our company has had the highest credit rating in Dun and Bradstreet's credit rating system for a number of years. This gives both our suppliers and our customers a sense of security and the possibility for long term cooperation. Our market area is to provide top quality fillets and boarding for building materials wholesalers, industrial customers (building contractors etc.) and to some extent building materials retailers. One of our speciality products is spruce sauna panelling cut to (customer specified) size.

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